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Think back to when you were a kid.

You would visit your grandmother or grandfather. Remember the smell of their house? The home décor? The interesting knick knacks on the walls or tables? Of course you do. What pieces do you remember the most? The mass produced items bought at the local franchise?

No, what your remember are the real keepsakes. The well crafted things. That intricate box, the handmade bowl, carved figurine or hand woven macramé. These were neat and really well made. You can see the time and effort someone took to handcraft the piece. An heirloom that was and will be passed down again and again.

And each piece told a story. How it was brought over from the old country. Or made by your great, great grandfather. Or bought on a honeymoon at a little shop where everything was handmade by the shop owner.

At OakHill Wood Creations we are recreating that old world, handmade craftsmanship today. Each item is handcrafted with the same care and attention to detail that craftsman of yesteryear had. These are keepsakes you’ll want to pass down to your children, their children and their grandchildren.

And they have a story. The story of a man who wants to show that fine craftsmanship is still cherished and that Made in the USA still means made to last.

So start your story with our story. And pass to those you love a real keepsake they will cherish today and tomorrow.

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