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Soap Dish, White Oak Wood, 3” Wide (Qty 1)

Our handmade White Oak Soap Dish is created from a solid piece of Premium Quarter Sawn wood, cut with a network of intersecting grooves that allows water to drain completely through the dish. Each dish is then sanded to create a smooth surface with rounded edges.

We leave the wood natural without stains, glues, finishes or preservatives that could discolor your fixtures.

White Oak is a North American wood that has a closed cellular structure, making it water, weather and rot resistant. We use Premium Quarter Sawn White Oak because of its amazing straight grain and “fleck” patterns. It is a more stable cut of wood which reduces the shrinking, swelling and twisting that is typical from other types of log cutting. Because of these characteristics white oak has been used in the construction of ships and wine/whiskey barrels for centuries and Spa accessories like our high quality Soap Dishes.

You will extend the life of your favorite natural and organic soap when it is allowed to totally dry between uses.

If soap scum builds up on the dish you can scrub lightly with a brush or simply throw it in the clothes washer then air dry.

Built with the same fine craftsmanship as all our other pieces.

This 3” Wide - White Oak Soap Dish allows a normal bar of soap to rest completely on the dish.

Dimensions: ¾ x 3.0 x 3.5

• Solid American Premium Quarter Sawn White Oak.
• Handcrafted in the USA
• Item SD-1001

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