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Dust Deputy Vacuum Cart

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I searched Lumberjocks and “Google Images” for a Dust Deputy cart that would meet my shop requirements. I was unable to find the right one so this is my version.

The base and shelf are made from ¾ plywood. The vertical support was made from 1 x 6 Choice pine. The vertical support was assembled and attached to base using the pocket hole method.
The cart’s handle and attachments were all located within the vertical assembly in order to conserve space.

The Dust Deputy comes with two pails. The bottom pail is screwed to the shelf. As described by many others, a ring was secured to the lid to reinforce its inherent weak spot.

I replaced the original Ridgid hoses with Ridgid’s 1 ½ inch flexible hose, both for the vacuum line and the interface hose. This size hose works very well for in my shop. The connection with the dust deputy was made using a 2” PVC elbow, a short length of 2” PVC pipe and a 2’ to 1 ½” PVC reducer.

The original Ridgid casters were removed and set aside for future use if needed.
Four 1 ½ Dia. swivel casters were mounted to the base.

Painted to match the shop theme.

Flexible hose kit was purchased at Home Depot:
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Reader Comments

Nice cart. That looks like a fun shop to work in!
-- (of Lumberjocks)

Love the vertical theme of this design. In a shop footprint utilization is important. Great job!
-- Sierras (of Lumberjocks)

Good design. This is obviously working … I don’t see any dust in the shop :-)
-- trees2pens (of Lumberjocks)

Great concept for combining the two units in a small footprint. There are several other ‘setups’ out there but this is by far the simplest and most cost effective.
-- Oilyoop (of Lumberjocks)

Questions & Answers:

John, why did you use a 1 1/2” hose instead of 2 1/2”? Does that give you better suction due to the initial reduced hose diameter at the vacuum? Keep up the great work. Thanks for sharing.
-- AntarcticTraveler (of Lumberjocks)

The original hose for the vacuum was very cumbersome and difficult to maneuver around the shop or even hook up to other tools.
I decided to look for a flexible hose and found one at Home Depot in a kit form with several hose adaptors included. Since the hose kit was the same brand as the shop vacuum I already had, why not give it a try. It has worked out great and is so much easier to use.
-- John

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