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Garden Obelisk

We had an open spot in the garden and my wife decided a wooden Obelisk with Clematis would be a nice addition. It adds a stunning focal point and a vertical dimension to the garden.

The design originally appeared in “Handy Magazine”. The assembly consists of 2 x 2 Cedar and copper pipe, along with a copper clad post cap.

Since I planned on making about a dozen for gifts as well as our garden, I decided a fixture would be very handy. (44 copper lengths per Obelisk x 12 = 528 individual lengths)

The fixture has a four foot long piano hinge with a strip of thin aluminum attached to one leaf of the hinge with double sided tape. The scale markings correspond to the finished length, # I being the shortest and on thru #11 the longest. The scale is dropped right down on the center of the pipe which makes marking the lengths very easy.

With this fixture I was able to mark several pieces at a time quickly & accurately, then move the ten foot long pipe to a vise and cut off several pieces with a tube cutter, without having to measure and mark each piece I cut off.

In order to strengthen the assembly I inserted a threaded rod thru two pipes on each side and secured them with washers and a nut on both ends. Then I made Cedar plugs for the counter bored holes.

I added screw eyes to the inside of the legs, made PVC stakes, and after pounding the stakes into the ground used plastic wire ties to secure the Obelisk. This was only necessary until the plants matured enough to hold it in place.

I use a deck sealer once a year to help maintain a new look.

Reader Comments

John, you have won LOML’s good gardening seal of approval. Now I have added another project to my list. Thank you! :)
-- AandCstyle (of Lumberjocks)

Great job! I may have to build one or three of these. Thanks for posting!
-- Ron, Illinois (of Lumberjocks)

Very nice project. sure would look nice in my yard. great setup for the pipe cutting…
-- Thewoodman2000 (of Lumberjocks) Professional Website Design & Management, Serving Chicago and the Midwest
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